The Mechanical Turk surveys

Wanting to double down on what I have learned from playing with Mechanical Turk lately, I ran a handful of surveys over the past few weeks trying to tease out some good uses for Mturk in the future.  After all, Mturk is more like the nickel slots than the high limit tables since each survey […]

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Using concierge to find champagne for a friend’s anniversary

I completely embarrassed myself at a friend’s wedding by stealing for my table the last bottle of champagne from the bar, which the newly wed couple was planning to save for their first anniversary. Always trying to be the proper gentlemen, I decided it would be a nice gesture to send a bottle on their […]

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Using concierge to research mojito & shrimp cocktail recipes

Some friends invited me on a last-minute beach trip recently.  Always happy to maximize my relaxation I started craving shrimp cocktail and mojitos.  Having never made either I decided to put my concierge to work while I made my way to the beach. I called them when I left my house and by the time […]

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Using concierge to look like a boss

I am in a graduate school program and today I ran into one of my professors in the hall.  I have a presentation I am working on for his class tomorrow.  In anticipation of tomorrow he mentioned how neat he thought it would be if I had data about something I had not even bothered […]

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Using a concierge to prepare a Toastmaster meeting theme

I am a member of a local Toastmasters club, a group that develops public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback.  As part of how the club achieves its mission, we rotate who runs(chair) the meeting each week.  As part of the duties in running the meeting, the chair will pick a theme for […]

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Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to find an image for a presentation

For some time I have been itching to find something to use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for. One day while putting together a presentation I finally found something I could use it for.  I needed a specific picture for a presentation and could find some that were similar to what I needed but could never find the […]

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Using my concierge to gather screen shots of local club Web sites

I am the Vice President of Public Relations for a Toastmasters club and part of my responsibilities are to maintain our website.  When I took over the role I had ambitions of sprucing up our Web site.  To help me start putting together a feature list and a mood board for the direction I wanted to […]

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Using my concierge to gather contact information for major US & UK newspaper editors

As part of my ongoing struggle to find well written news, I decided to contact the editors of several major newspapers in the US & UK.  I asked them one simple question. “Who are 3 columnists that Do Not write for your paper, but you consider their work to be some of the best in your profession?” […]

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Using my concierge to do candidate research

When election time rolls around I always feel guilty and annoyed when I get to the polling station to vote and am presented with a huge ballot full of offices and candidates that I have no clue about.  Who knew there were so many judges and that we voted on the Soil & Water Commissioner? […]

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I have started this site for one very simple reason.  To explore all the different things that I can delegate, outsource or automate in my life.  In the weeks & months to come I hope to report in on my experiments using my credit card concierge, virtual assistants, Amazon’s mechanical turk, outsourcing services such as […]

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