Using my concierge to do candidate research

When election time rolls around I always feel guilty and annoyed when I get to the polling station to vote and am presented with a huge ballot full of offices and candidates that I have no clue about.  Who knew there were so many judges and that we voted on the Soil & Water Commissioner? Shamefully for the past few elections I have only voted for the major offices such as President, Senate, House of Representatives, City Council & Mayor.  As I do not believe in straight party voting I always felt it would be best to just not vote for the offices that I had no clue about.  Always trying to be a better citizen, before the most recent elections I decided to put my concierge to good use and have them do all the research for me on every office and every candidate up for election.

I went onto the county board of election’s Web site and was able to get a PDF of the ballot for my address.  I then sent it to my concierge and asked for them to do all the research for me.

Below is a sample of the information I received. To see the whole 25 page PDF of the research I received, please go here: Compiled Candidate Info

Sample Candidate Information

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