Cloud labor

This is my running list of what I have used cloud labor services such as CrowdFlower and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for.   Please leave a comment below and let me know what you have used it for.

  1. Find an image that I was having trouble finding for a presentation – Total cost: $1.65
  2. Suggest 200 name options for this blog – Total cost: $5
  3. Suggest 200 name options for a new product I am working on – Total cost: $5
  4. Survey asking Mturkers what their favorite hit was, 165 responses – Total cost: $3.75
  5. Survey asking Mturkers if they had $100 to blow using Mechanical Turk, what would they use it for, 130 responses – Total cost: 3.75



  • Jay Radford

    You’ve renewed my interest in MTurk, thanks!