This is my running list of almost everything that I have gotten my concierge to do for me so far.   Please leave a comment below and let me know what you have gotten them to do for you.

  1. Help find tickets to a sold out military ceremony in Scotland
  2. Research vintage car rentals in the UK and helped me find this car    
  3. Order flowers for my sister’s birthday
  4. Research and compile info for election ballot
  5. Research kids basketball camps for market research for a client
  6. Brainstorm on kids craft projects when my niece & nephew were in town
  7. Find mojito & shrimp cocktail recipe
  8. Find list of all local magazines published in Charlotte
  9. Create a spreadsheet of iPhone developers for me to send a short survey to
  10. Research alternative transportation from Brussels to Scotland because of a possible strike by airport employees
  11. Found a way to get from the Frankfurt main airport to the Frankfurt Hahn airport so I could catch a Ryan Air flight
  12. List of editors for all major newspapers in US & UK
  13. Track down champagne for a friend’s anniversary
  14. Took screenshots of all the local chapters of Toastmasters International in the Charlotte area
  15. Travel guides for several destinations
  16. Research tanning salons in airports
  17. Find all breakfast restaurants in Steele Creek area of Charlotte
  18. Research articles about creating an endowment spending policy during a recession for a non-profit I was working with in town
  19. Research the process to get boots from LL Bean refurbished
  20. Research information for a theme for a meeting
  21. Research & suggest ideas for Valentine’s day
  22. Research lunch places that will deliver to my office, which is in a coworking facility
  23. Gift ideas for valentine’s day
  24. Research and hold flights for a friend who had to go from Los Angeles to Charlotte for a funeral
  25. Put together spreadsheet of professors that taught metal working so I could contact them to get advice on where to buy tools
  26. Research water cooler providers
  27. Research organizers for my workshop
  28. Put together ground transportation for 5 people at SXSW
  29. Research contact information for atheletic directors for high schools for research for my Economics class
  30. Research bus routes in Austin, TX for SXSW
  31. Get me a complementary catalogue from metal working tool supply places – DID NOT WORK
  32. Research iPhone speaker docks for me
  33. Research Craigslist to find a bike for me to buy
  34. Research men’s tall undershirts, since most don’t fit me correctly
  • Anonymous

    check out
    It also gives you a personal assistant at a monthly rate.

    • Russ Hammond

      I think their site does a good job of explaining what a concierge is and is not good for.

      I would love to hear what you think of their service.

    • Tom

      Interesting, but that’s quite expensive. The cheapest plan is $400/year–just $50 less than the Platinum AMEX. And that limits you to 5 requests per month. Given this amazing list, I’m not sure that could possibly be worth it.

  • Emmygo1024

    Do u email request to concierge?

    • Russ Hammond

      After you call in a few times and they get your email then you can email in your requests from there.

  • MScott

    Is this a third party concierge or an Amex/Visa/Mastercard one?

    • Russ Hammond

      I use the concierge from my AMEX card.



  • 9403671734jj

    You can do all that with any regular Internet browser and your computer, plus you do not have to pay $450.00. I advise you claim your money back.

  • Alexandra Grabbe


  • Chezpaul

    This is all just a click away on Google.. You’re just being lasy.

  • Dorian Benkoil

    Really? You simply emailed Amex concierge and they sent you a spreadsheet with all those names of newspaper editors? They looked through Craigslist and found a bike that matched your parameters? Found basketball camps? And son? They’ll do this for anyone, much like a personal assistant? Seems too good to be true … and you know what they say… 

  • ThatAdamGuy

    Whoa!  I’ve had my Platinum Amex for a couple of years and had no idea I could ask such things of the Amex concierge!  I just thought they’d book tickets and flights and stuff for me. Thank you for sharing this list; I now have some new inspiration, and may not need to renew the membership I have with a third party concierge service! 🙂

  • Patrick

    Amex Concierge is probably one of the better services due to their wide networks.
    Some of you are missing the point of a concierge service, the purpose is to delegate the work to someone else so that you’re free to do other tasks. It’s not about laziness but efficiency! The other selling point of a concierge service is to locate rare or exclusive items e.g. tickets, VIP reservations, jewellery, service upgrades etc.