Using my concierge to gather contact information for major US & UK newspaper editors

As part of my ongoing struggle to find well written news, I decided to contact the editors of several major newspapers in the US & UK.  I asked them one simple question.

“Who are 3 columnists that Do Not write for your paper, but you consider their work to be some of the best in your profession?”

I of course turned to my concierge to assemble first a list of the top 25 newspapers in the US and UK.  Then I had them research contact information for the editor of each newspaper.  Below is the list I received back from them, which I then did a simple mail merge and sent my question to.

Over about a 2 month time period after I sent my email I heard back from about 10 of the 35 editors that I contacted, which was more than I thought I would actually hear back from.

Total time I spent assembling this list: 30 seconds to write an email with this request:

I need a spreadsheet with the names and email addresses of the editors of the 25 most read newspapers in the United States and in the UK.

48 hours later I received the spreadsheet below.


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Working on an MBA at Queens University of Charlotte, playing with cows that look like oreos cookies and figuring out ways to delegate the boring tasks in life.


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  • D Mathews

    This is awesome Russ!  Was there any fee for this?  Or is this part of the Amex Concierge program??

    • russ

      Its included in the annual fee for the credit card.

  • Steve

    That sounds like a really interesting study. Can you share the list of top reporters? Or any insights you gained about the newspapers?