Using my concierge to gather screen shots of local club Web sites

I am the Vice President of Public Relations for a Toastmasters club and part of my responsibilities are to maintain our website.  When I took over the role I had ambitions of sprucing up our Web site.  To help me start putting together a feature list and a mood board for the direction I wanted to head I needed to do some research to see what other clubs in the area were doing with their Web sites.

It is easy enough to look up all the other clubs in the area using Toastmaster International’s Web site and follow the links to all the various clubs.  I however wanted to be able to very quickly look thru all the sites but did not want to spend the time compiling all of this.

So, I sent the following instructions to my concierge:

I need a PDF with a screenshot from every one of the 36 clubs listed at this LINK when using the search criteria of all clubs within 10 miles of zip code 28211.

For example, the first club listed, Hornet’s Nest Toastmasters Club has a link in blue at the bottom ( of their description.  I need you to follow each one of those links and compile one PDF with screenshots of each different site.

Here is a screen shot of the PDF I received below.  To view the full file click: Full PDF of screen shots.

Screen shot of the screen shots


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