Using a concierge to prepare a Toastmaster meeting theme

I am a member of a local Toastmasters club, a group that develops public speaking and leadership skills through practice and feedback.  As part of how the club achieves its mission, we rotate who runs(chair) the meeting each week.  As part of the duties in running the meeting, the chair will pick a theme for the meeting that other participants in the meeting will reference while giving their speeches or reports.

After a recent snowfall in town (Charlotte, NC) that closed the city for a few days since we southerners have no idea how to deal with it, I decided to make the theme of the next meeting I was to chair about snow days.

Always looking for experiments with my concierge I decided to send them a request to do some research for me.  Here is the text of the email I sent to them:

I am doing a presentation in a couple of days on the affect on the economy & productivity of snow days like the ones we have had in the Southeast recently.

If you would please do some quick research on:

1. Any numbers you can find on the financial affect of snow days on the economy, business, etc.
2. Random trivia, interesting facts or funny stories about snow days
3. Suggested activities for kids to do at home on snow days

I received 4 documents back from them. Here are snippets from each of them.

Snow Jokes

Articles on economic impact of snow

Indoor activities for snow days

Snow quiz

Total time I spent finding this information: 60 seconds to type the email.

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