Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk to find an image for a presentation

For some time I have been itching to find something to use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for. One day while putting together a presentation I finally found something I could use it for.  I needed a specific picture for a presentation and could find some that were similar to what I needed but could never find the specific image I was looking for.

After wasting over an hour searching online I decided it was no longer worth my time or the brain numbing boredom to continue looking myself.  I setup a HIT on the Mechanical Turk and spun the wheel to see what I would get.

Here is the form I filled out to setup the HIT:

Here is the image I used as an example to show what I was looking for:

And here are the links that I received from the HITS:

Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5

Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10

Total cost: $ 1.65

Total time: 20 minutes.  Since it was my first time it took a few minutes to figure out the setup for the description and to put money into an account to pay for HITS.

Considering I had searched for over an hour before using the Mechanical Turk, the $1.65 was money well spent.

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Working on an MBA at Queens University of Charlotte, playing with cows that look like oreos cookies and figuring out ways to delegate the boring tasks in life.


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  • Morisy

    Which picture did you use? I like the use case, but it seems like non were suitable for a presentation, and only one matched your description. Was the $1.65 really worth it if it didn’t help you out?

    Thanks for sharing, it’s really helpful to see others’ experiences.

    • Russ Hammond

      I used #6 which was not perfect but close enough. The $1.65 was worth it to try out Mturk and learn how to use it’s not so friendly UI.

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