Using concierge to find champagne for a friend’s anniversary

I completely embarrassed myself at a friend’s wedding by stealing for my table the last bottle of champagne from the bar, which the newly wed couple was planning to save for their first anniversary.

Always trying to be the proper gentlemen, I decided it would be a nice gesture to send a bottle on their first anniversary, mostly to make fun of myself for being such an idiot.  I knew the name of the champagne but as my local store only sells the best of the best, Andre I knew I would have to turn to my concierge to help me out.

I sent them the name of the champagne, Wilson Creek Almond Champagne and received the information below back from them so that I could make an order.  Of course remembering how good it was I ordered a few bottles for myself.

I hope you are having a wonderful day. I understand you were speaking to my colleague Heather about information on ordering Wilson Creek Champagne for your friend’s anniversary.  I am pleased to have researched this request on your behalf.  Wilson Creek Champagne, can be bought on the winery’s online store which I have listed below, with a list of the champagnes available.  When order online you do have an option to send the bottle as a gift and you can place a gift message up to 250 characters.  Depending where your friends live, there are some restrictions on shipping to certain states. If you look at the web link below you, they have listed the shipping regulations for each state.  An additional feature they have personalized labels available, that can be placed on the bottle for a unique touch to your gift.  I have provided information on this below as well.

Wilson Creek Winery
35960 Rancho California Rd
Temecula, CA 92591
Phone: 951-699-WINE (9463)
Wilson Creek Winery Almond Champagne – Price: $16.95

Wilson Creek Winery Almond Champagne Splits (187ml) – Price: $6.95

Wilson Creek Winery Almond Champagne Splits (187ml) – 4 Pack – Price: $19.95

Wilson Creek Winery Almond Champagne Splits (187ml) – 6 Pack – Price: $39.95

Wilson Creek Winery Grand Cuvee Champagne – Price: $18.95

Shipping Regulation: Many states have regulation on whether wine can be shipped in from out-of-state and volume limits. See web link for details for each state –

Custom Label Maker
Web Link:

Custom Label Maker allows you to choose a template from the selection of images and write text to make a unique personalized gift. Custom labels are available as single bottles when using a template for Almond Champagne (750ml), however if you require a custom design, or an alternate wine selection, there is a one case minimum order.

All labels are designed, and produced in-house, and are printed on a high quality gloss, water-resistant label stock. They will provide you with a professionally designed proof and purchase options based on selections within 2 business days. Turn around time is 7-10 business days on approval of the final artwork.

Custom Label Pricing
Almond Champagne Single Bottles – $25.95
Almond Champagne Case (12 Bottles) – $232.92
Almond Champagne Splits (187ml) Case (24 Bottles) – $201.84
Grand Cuvee Champagne Single Bottles – $27.95
Grand Cuvee Champagne Case (12 Bottles)- $253.29
Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like additional information.  If you would like assistance in purchase a bottle of wine, we would need to go over you contact details, recipient information and other details of the purchase.

As Marlene Dietrich once said.

Champagne…it gives you the impression that everyday is Sunday.

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  • Katya Hantel

    Love your site! Great stories and information. I’m a fan. 🙂

    • russ

      I would love to hear the tasks that you outsourced to your concierge.

  • Smythdm

    I never knew!! – Diana

    • Russ Hammond

      In case you ever run out again I know several places to get it now.