Using concierge to look like a boss

I am in a graduate school program and today I ran into one of my professors in the hall.  I have a presentation I am working on for his class tomorrow.  In anticipation of tomorrow he mentioned how neat he thought it would be if I had data about something I had not even bothered looking into.

This would not necessarily pose a problem if I did not have a day full of classes and meetings today and work all day tomorrow before class.  Determined to impress him I thought for a moment of how I might be able to summon my concierge to help me get what I needed.

The presentation is on whether school systems should subsidize high school football programs.  I had focused on national data to support my presentation but he thought it would be great if I had some data on local programs.

I thought this would not be that hard to get, I could just email the athletic directors of each high school asking for some simple data points and throw that into a spreadsheet.  But the killer part of that would be tracking down the contact information for all the different athletic directors for each school.

There are roughly 20 high schools in Charlotte, NC and I figured I would need to contact all of them to get enough responses, especially on such as short notice, to make it worth while.  This would not be hard to find, I just did not have the time to do it.

So I sent the following message to my concierge with the subject “urgent information needed”:

I need a spreadsheet with the names & email addresses of all the athletic directors for each High School in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system in Charlotte, NC.

If possible, I need this information in the next 4 hours as I need to send an email to all of them this evening.

I sent that message at 6:04pm and received a response with an attached spreadsheet at 9:51pm.

I normally like to attach the documents I receive to show you as well what I got.  To protect the names and contact information of these poor teachers who probably don’t need any more emails you will just have to trust me that it was exactly what I asked for.

When I send email requests I normally don’t ask for the items by a specific time because they are usually not urgent.  However I was glad to see they could respond with exactly what I needed within the time frame I asked for.

Now lets hope I look like a boss tomorrow during my presentation!

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Working on an MBA at Queens University of Charlotte, playing with cows that look like oreos cookies and figuring out ways to delegate the boring tasks in life.


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    Did it work, boss?